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原味滴雞精 Original Chicken Essence ( 30 packs )

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零脂肪 低熱量 高營養


Zero fat and low-calorie High Nutrition.

This product will never add water, artificial flavors, preservatives, or antibiotics.






每包約65cc (約一般飯碗7分滿的量)。 完全不添加抗氧化劑、防腐劑或增色劑,底部沉澱物為雞骨髓精華屬正常現象。 包裝使用食品級無毒材質鋁袋密封裝填,出廠前經嚴格品質檢驗,請安心食用。

Our Philosophy Aims To Adhere To Good Soup

We use only USDA Organic Certified chicken and only pick chicken farmers that can offer:

  • No Antibiotics Ever
  • Non- GMO Project Verified†
  • Free Range
  • Air Chilled •Sustainably Farmed
  • No Hormones or Steroids Added
  • Always 100% Vegetarian Fed with No Animal By-Products

Chicken essence

Chicken essence, or drop, is a traditional method in the agricultural society that slowly extracts whole chicken essence. The whole process does not take a single drop of water the finest quality whole chicken is put into watertight and impermeable cooking over low heat for at least eight hours. There, a high temperature slowly builds and drips essence out of the chicken (including it’s bone marrow). We then remove the grease and gum out of the concentrated chicken essence. This is unlike water boiled chicken: our chicken is richer, with a large number of essential amino acids, protein, collagen, minerals, and other nutrients. There is zero fat, low-calorie, high-nutrition, a rich flavor and beneficial constitution that not only sustains the physical body, but provides nourishment to both prenatal and postnatal women and those suffering from ailments.

Our main and only ingredient is chicken essence, with drops of protein and amino acids. Because of the time and temperature it takes to create a single drop of chicken essence, the smallest molecules are absorbed easily. For some patients that experience gastrointestinal discomfort, poor appetite, or are in dire need of nutritional supplement, it is much more convenient to sip on a cup of chicken essence rather than directly eating chicken.

The fine molecules that make up chicken essence allows the body to fully and quickly absorb all the benefits it has to offer—nourishing the physical body with strength, especially for prenatal and postnatal women along with those with illnesses and ailments.

Our chicken soup is slowly created with USDA certified chicken whole chicken extract, made from the purest essence. Each package of about 65 cc (or 2.2 oz) is made without antibiotics, preservatives, or toner. The precipitate at the bottom of our soup is from chicken bone marrow, and is completely normal. We use non-toxic and food-grade packaging that has passed factory and strict quality inspection.

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